Five and Counting

To Philbert:

They say you don’t really remember whole days, just moments in your life that you think are important. Our first date maybe the closest I’ll ever get to remembering at least an entire evening. I remember the calm smile you first gave me when I walked to your table – the calm was later betrayed by a slight tremble in your hand when you took mine (I had a feeling you were a little bit nervous). We talked too much. I didn’t eat – not because I wasn’t hungry but because I was too excited (and I think it may have shown). Here’s what I remember the most though: there was never an awkward moment between us. When we ran out of things to say, we sat back in our chairs, in silence, and it didn’t feel weird or uncomfortable. When things got quiet, you just took my hand again, and that’s when I first thought, “Hey, this could really be something.”

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