It’s a Metaphor

Phil: watcha doing?
Lizzy: well there are children in the office
Lizzy: and in a strange turn of events one of them has asked if he can hide in my office
Lizzy: there are two kids here
Lizzy: one boy, one girl
Lizzy: and the adults, like the annoying gits they are
Lizzy: are going yihee, ang cute, mini-love team
Lizzy: and forcing them to play with each other
Lizzy: and that is annoying the hell out of the little boy
Lizzy: who just wants to play with his megbloks in peace
Lizzy: he is also asking me questions about comics
Lizzy: because his megabloks are in a spider-man and friends set
Lizzy: and he wanted to know if there really was a spider-woman
Lizzy: and i was like OMIGOD KID DON’T GET ME STARTED
Phil: oh no
Lizzy: he also wants to know why wolverine doesn’t look happy
Lizzy: that’s a long story right there
Lizzy: man, if all kids ever asked about were comics, i’d be an okay parent
Phil: just tell him wolverine isn’t happy because people keep taking away his root beer
Phil: it’s a metaphor

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