And It Happened

“If you have any doubts to the kind of music – it’s not rock music, it’s not alternative music, it’s not pop music – it is opera,” he said, in between songs, and the crowd cheered even louder. And it’s true. There was no doubt as to where we were or what we were watching. It was, from the very start all the way to the finish, a Morrissey show. There was never any mistaking his energy or his strange clarity. It’s that clarity that shines through the most, when you look at him in performing in front of you. He loves to perform, and when you watch him, you understand, finally, just how much and why. The stage is where he is most theatrical, most heavy-handed and most honest. On stage, last night, he asked for our voices, tested and commanded our love. We gave it gladly, in the form of crazed singing or non-stop tears or even silent but rapturous thanks to whatever powers that allowed Morrissey in Manila, even for just one night.


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